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Cheese Chase

Casual (Maze/ Puzzle) - Free

A One-of-a-Kind Game That Offers Endless Excitement at Your Fingertips.

Introducing newest type of game, Cheese Chase!

Help blind mouse out of maze. Less cheese & time. Take on all obstacles & levels? Get some diamonds and coins on the way. Use them to get power-up later in tough time.

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5 Rating


Nice game,,, easy to understand and easy to play,,, good work👍

Subuhi Khan

sweet and simple
First i thought it was kid game, but after reaching on some level, i just realized it requires patience and wisdom too. very good game. I just can't stop my self to play it again and again. Thanks to developer.
Dharmesh D
Maze background

Help a blind mouse navigate a complex maze using only its sense of smell. The mouse can only move by following the scent of the cheese, which you must strategically place in the maze to guide it through. But be careful - you only have a limited amount of cheese and time to complete each level. Along the way, you can collect coins and diamonds which you can use to buy power-ups.
As you progress through the game, you will face new challenges such as poisonous gas, traps, cats, and melting cheese. These obstacles will test your puzzle-solving skills and make each level even more exciting and challenging.
Cheese Chase is the perfect game for all ages, with its simple yet cute graphics, challenging gameplay, and endless hours of fun. Download it now and see how many levels you can complete!

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